The EG Star

In 2010 Energy Gain you UK constructed the Solar Test & Research Facility (The EG STAR), a demonstration and testing arena to analyse various solar PV and solar thermal systems.

The EG STAR is located at our head office in Ashton under Lyne and provides real time live data from grid tied interactive systems.  The facility was initially established to test: Solar PV Modules, inverters, ancillary components, roof mounting equipment, transformers and monitoring equipment.  Today the focus is on understanding system performance and reliability in order to offer the market actual data rather than rely on simulated software programs.

The EG STAR allows partners to test systems in order to gain real life in field data and like for like comparisons against other systems.  The EG STAR invites manufacturers of Solar PV and Solar Thermal equipment to test their products, in order to gain special permission please contact us.

The EG STAR has four key objectives:

1)  To Assist Energy Gain to be seen as a forward thinking renewable based organisation; monitoring, testing and reporting leading edge solar systems.
2)  Expand our expertise within the renewable energy sector.
3)  Assist our partners in offering live field based test data in order to better understand and enhance their products.
4)  To offer our findings for the purposes of education and development.

When going to press we believe this is the primary test facility within the North West.  The information produced by The EG STAR shared between our partners in order to enhance their products.  Public tours of The EG STAR are available upon request. If you would like further information please contact us.

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