Investment & Performance Protection Programme

Energy Gain have recently ran a pilot for an investment and performance protection programme for Solar PV Systems. The results were outstanding; 19 out of 20 clients tested decided to take out a contract following the pilot. The programme ensures the maximum efficiency of your system by providing a full electrical inspection and cleansing of the solar panels. Would you run a car without servicing it? With Solar PV the profit arrives in the later years of the investment so making sure your system is working well now, will make sure it lasts, you cannot change something once the damage is done or the year of FIT payments have been lost. The average cost of this protection is as little as £10 per month.

Clean solar panels operate up to 30% more efficiently, so it’s very important to establish an annual cleaning programme.

Sloping roof panels should be cleaned by the rain as they use self-cleaning glass. However dirt will tend to accumulate in the bottom corners of the panels (see image below) and as a precaution we recommend the panels should be cleaned annually. This will ensure efficiency is maintained and output is not reduced.

Dirt on the glass covering the solar cells will absorb sunlight and as a result less light will penetrate through to the solar cell.

We use ultra-pure (de-ionized) water which cleans effectively and leaves no residue behind. Ultra-pure water has no dissolved solids, and therefore readily dissolves dirt and grease from the surfaces of solar panels.

It also dries completely spot-free, leaving no marks behind. Ultra-pure water is a proven technology, and has been used for more than a decade to leave a spot-free, smear-free finish allowing the irradiance to penetrate the cells freely.

Using water-fed poles, it’s possible to clean to a distance of 80ft without the need for work-at-height or any special access equipment. A soft-bristled brush is used to lightly lift the dirt from the panel, at the same time jets of ultra-pure water rinsethe surface clean. Google has a 1.6MW solar installation in California. It has carried out some research on the impact of dirt on panel performance, and on the impact of professional cleaning versus cleaning by rain. It has concluded that panel output was greatly increased after they were
professionally cleaned.

1st UK Solar Photovoltaic Fire in Kent, March 15th 2012 as a result of poor electrical installation.

Most solar inverters are situated in a: very warm attic, small cupboard or in an outdoor location. All of these areas are subject to humidity, dust and small insects. Our solar inverter preventive maintenance consists of annual inverter inspections and component replacements according to product-specific maintenance schedules.

We will carry DC and AC intrusive testing in order to ensure minimum voltage loss. Where necessary we will carry out an internal inspection of key components. All specific fuses, RCDs and breakers will be tested to ensure they are still working efficiently. Our visual inspection will check for charred spots, broken insulation and any other kinds of damage caused by weathering and potentially small animals.

Investment Protection – Clean & Save!!!
EGUK invested in a solar testing facility over two years ago in order to gather scientific data of solar photovoltaic performance data. We found that systems cleaned after one year against systems that have not been cleaned saw a huge 18% increase. The cost of this potential loss over 20 – 25 years is substantial.

Since having my system maintained I have earned an extra £320 more than my neighbour, long may it continue.
D Bentley, Manchester

The maintenance package offers great value against other maintenance and service  charges in the market.

When you consider things like cars, cameras, boilers, alarms, we feel you will be more than happy with the package we are offer.

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