An Introduction To Energy Gain


Energy Gain UK

Energy Specialists based in Manchester, Energy Gain UK was finally formed in 2008 as an engineering design and construction studio specialising in natural energy technologies, including: Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Air Source Heat Pumps, Insulation, Glazing, Boilers and whole life maintenance solutions.  Having recently launched a Solar PV Finance package Energy Gain UK can offer renewable technologies to 95% of domestic properties.

Bringing together partners with a wide range of technical knowledge and a common focus on high standards of service and products. Inside four years, Energy Gain UK has developed a strong client base across several sectors and has grown its business steadily to a turnover approaching £2.5m without compromising its commitment to high standards of performance.

Careful management and clear direction are part of Energy Gain UK’s hallmark and have steered it away from the stampede towards renewable energy that flooded Britain with so much poor equipment and so many false offers.  The company’s Board has kept its focus and has applied a rigorous engineering approach, starting with energy  profiling and leading methodically through design, verification and construction procedures that are  uncompromising.

Investment in qualifications and accreditation’s has  continued, so the company is fully equipped to develop  high-level energy profiles in the most complex of  environments. It has also invested in a unique facility,  The EG STAR (Solar Test & Research), where the performance of system components and new products can be analysed and reported. The developing evidence base is used to  inform the design engineers and plays an important  part in training programmes for installation staff.  A combined Solar and Battery Storage solution has recently be trialled.

Now operating nationally, the company engages with other businesses to install a range of renewable energy systems for power and heat applications in homes and workplaces. Quality control is therefore a vital part of the company’s growth and training is given a high priority to ensure high standards are met throughout partnership projects.

Priority is also given to investment in education and innovation. Children, families and communities can learn about renewable energy through special events and competitions while employers and their staff can participate in university-accredited programmes sponsored by the company. Innovation plays its part in many ways, from incentivised finance to shared energy schemes and packages providing energy storage to protect vulnerable people or business assets.  Energy Gain now have the ability to offer Solar PV finance for many domestic installations; with various sources of finance for business installations.

Everything Energy Gain does is part of a dedicated engineering process, starting and finishing with the client because the Board and staff want the company’s success to continue to rest on a reputation for reliability, excellence and value.